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What's up with the biggest thing happening in mining in NW Ontario?

Ring of Fire News – 20 Mar 12

NOTE:  A few worthy “late adds” I spotted after sending the last version out – enjoy!

  • Wanted:  a new “Consultation and Aboriginal Treaty Rights Officer” for Ontario’s Ministry of Northern Development and Mines – the task:  “…. This position provides direct program advice and support to staff to enable effective decision making on mineral exploration permits (approximately 550-600 permits annually) and has a direct impact on the Ministry`s ability to authorize permits under the revised Mining Act, 2009. This position supports the ministry (both mineral and non-mineral divisions and branches) in meeting all aspects of its Duty To Consult with Aboriginal peoples and organizations (First Nations and Métis) in Ontario ….”  More in the online job posting here, and the job description here (both are also downloadable as a 6 page PDF here if the links don’t work for you)
  • Ontario’s Minister of Northern Development & Mines meeting with the feds at Natural Resources Canada to discuss “enhancing our collaborations related specifically to Ring of Fire development projects” – no date given  Source (Ontario Geological Survey director’s Twitter feed)
  • Meanwhile, Canada’s Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver is stopping by Ontario to “discuss the importance of responsible resource development to jobs and economic growth across Canada” – “Ontario”, in this case, being Sudbury on March 23  Source more on the road trip at the insupportofmining blog
  • How ready is the north for growth in Ring of Fire jobs? (1)  “…. Thunder Bay and most of Northwestern Ontario do not have enough doctors to serve the people who live here now. Our regional hospital is often in gridlock. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp., statistics indicate a vacancy rate of less than two per cent for Thunder Bay as of last fall. It could be argued that there is not enough affordable housing to meet current needs. Our police spend more time fighting crime than preventing and it’s not unusual for them to take three hours to respond to non-emergency calls. Our road and infrastructure system has fallen decades behind in upkeep. Traffic flow for a city this size is a nightmare. We cannot agree on how to develop the city and are constantly plagued by endless not-in-my-backyard attitudes when it comes to attempts at progress. hen the big exploration companies consider where to base operations, these are issues they examine. We need a commitment today and action over the next five years to accommodate the expected boom that will materialize over the next decade as the Ring of Fire progresses from exploration to development and, finally, operations ….”  Source
  • How ready is the north for growth in Ring of Fire jobs? (2)  “…. With the developments in the Ring of Fire coming on stream in the next four to five years, this would be a perfect opportunity for FN leadership to go forward with an education program to train members of their communities to take advantage of the coming jobs required by the mining process. All sorts of skills are going to be required to make the mines work. Train the willing in these skills now, so when the time comes the jobs will be there ….”  Source
  • How ready is the north for growth in Ring of Fire jobs? (3)  “…. The northern world could be remade over the next few years. Are we ready for it? There’s a lot to consider and plan for, as we try to scope out how we can to respond to these new demands if things break in our favour. Governments should take note of the warnings. And let’s hope someone, somewhere, is doing some serious number-crunching to help us determine how best to navigate this chasm between today’s jobs famine and tomorrow’s potential feast.”  Source


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