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“Friends of Neskantaga” invites folks to 5 July rail hearing

Back online a bit early with this tidbit – found this “Friends of the Neskantaga First Nation” page linked from the Matawa First Nations “Community News” section of Matawa’s front page, with this invitation:

“…. Join members of Neskantaga First Nation in Toronto on July 5th as they demand justice.

WHAT: Neskantaga First Nation Legal Challenge to Cliffs Natural Resources and Ontario

WHERE: Office of the Mining and Lands Commissioner. 700 Bay Street. 24th Floor.

WHEN; July 5, 2012.The hearing starts at 10.00 am ….”

The hearing in question is regarding the proposed rail link along the line-o’-claims owned by KWG-owned subsidiary Canada Chrome Corporation – more on that in previous Ring of Fire editions here.

A quick read into what’s on the Friends of Neskantaga page:

You can see all the PDFs linked to at the Friends site in one file here via Google Docs.

6 Jul 12 Update:  As of this update, the onepagerapp.com page appears to be no more. You can see what it looked like when I first discovered the page (as well as the attachments) at Google Docs here.


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