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Ring of Fire News – August 31, 2012

A bit of an early info-shot before Labour Day – enjoy the long weekend!

  • The Mining and Lands Commissioner’s decision on a First Nation getting standing in a mining claim corridor issue is out ….  “….  the tribunal finds that it is charged with determining whether an application for disposition under the Public Lands Act should be accepted by the Minister of Natural Resources in the face of a refusal of consent from a mining claims holder. This is the “multiple use principle” at work. For the reasons given above, the tribunal cannot agree that the Neskantaga should be granted party status or that the Neskantaga qualify as an “interested person” for the purposes of this section 51 hearing. Due to the important nature of the issues raised by the Neskantaga’s application, no costs will be payable by any party.”  Source (decision) – PDF version of decision
  • …. with the First Nation saying they’re not stopping their fight ….  “….  This decision has only strengthened our resolve to continue the fight to protect our land,” said Chief (Peter) Moonias.  Although Neskantaga was not successful in this application, the Commission decided not to order costs against Neskantaga, “..due to the important nature of the issues raised by the Neskantaga application.”  The community’s lawyers are reviewing the decision, as there may be grounds for an appeal.  In the meantime, Neskantaga vows to prevent any construction of a road through traditional territories and over the Attawapiskat River until there is proper consultation with the community and until a Joint Review Panel Environmental Assessment takes place ….”  Source (full screen capture of news release also available here) – more    
  • …. and KWG takes the next steps to get gravel for the corridor (as well as start the ball rolling on a “port” in one of the Ring of Fire lakes)  “The KWG Resources Inc. (TSX VENTURE:KWG) (“KWG”) subsidiary Canada Chrome Corporation has filed applications with the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) for thirty-two aggregate permits at sites that are located within the mineral claims covering the company’s 308 kilometre-long railroad right-of-way. The sites were identified and investigated by Golder Associates during initial assessment work conducted for engineering feasibility studies as previously reported. The sites are located along the proposed route for KWG’s railway to the Ring of Fire region, and may provide material for the construction of the planned railbed. An environmental assessment and consultation with affected parties have not yet been concluded.  “In our meetings with Matawa First Nations Management Inc. officers and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency to review our draft Project Description, we have indicated our preference that the consultation requirements and protocols be developed in their entirety by the affected First Nations, to ensure the adequacy of the process,” said KWG President Frank Smeenk ….  Canada Chrome Corporation has also made application to MNR under the provisions of the Public Lands Act, for the grant of title to the lands it has tentatively designated as the “Port of Koper Lake” at the northern terminus of its right-of-way. The application covers two 16-unit claim blocks which include the western shore of Koper Lake where temporary float-plane docking facilities are now in use. As included in the draft Project Description, preliminary plans envisage the development of a permanent amphibious aerodrome at that location together with an adjacent and permanent East-West all-weather runway and heliport terminal as an adjunct to a railroad terminal, fuel storage compound, communications hub, accommodation services, and repair and maintenance facilities ….”  Source  – more from the In Support of Mining blog    
  • LOADS o’ analysis of Cliffs’ stock performance, much of it not so good  “Cliffs Natural Resources (NYSE:CLF) has been downgraded by TheStreet Ratings from buy to hold. The company’s strengths can be seen in multiple areas, such as its attractive valuation levels, expanding profit margins and notable return on equity. However, as a counter to these strengths, we also find weaknesses including weak operating cash flow, a generally disappointing performance in the stock itself and deteriorating net income ….”  Source – more  – more  – more  – moremoremore
  • Question to Ontario’s mines minister in the Legislature:  are you talking to Cliffs about exporting ore to be processed outside Canada.  Answer from the mines minister:  “We are very, very excited about the Ring of Fire. There are several aspects that the government is speaking to Cliffs about, which will be no surprise to the member from Timmins–James Bay, because we were very, very excited. I think members on both sides of the House were very, very excited when Cliffs decided that they were going to build their processing plant in Ontario.  So we look forward to the potential that the Ring of Fire will bring to I think everyone in Ontario, in particular northern Ontarians …. Well, you know what? Maybe the member from Timmins–James Bay isn’t excited about the Ring of Fire, but I can tell you that everybody else in northern Ontario is very, very excited. In fact, the mayor of Timmins is very, very excited. He’s looking for the opportunity that this very exciting project will bring to the people of northern Ontario.  We look at the job creation opportunity. We look at the spinoff benefits of the supply and services sector with regard to the Ring of Fire. We look at the investment, the infrastructure investment, that’s naturally going to take place from the Ring of Fire. We look at the additional mines that will come on board. We look at the opportunity for our First Nations.  To say that he isn’t excited about the Ring of Fire certainly isn’t reflective of what the people of northern Ontario—”  Source (Hansard)
  • More from the new Nishnawbe Aski Nation Grand Chief:  We won’t protest, we’ll “protect” our lands, and we want to talk to decision makers, not bureaucrats  “Nishnawbe Aski Nation’s new grand chief wasted little time in wading into the controversy over resource development on First Nations lands.  During a media meet and greet in Thunder Bay on Aug. 22, Harvey Yesno used his opening speech to declare that First Nations in NAN territory are willing to protect their lands by “whatever means possible.”  “One thing for sure, on the lands, its going to be all about protection,” Yesno said. “We’re not going to protest over our own lands. Nobody protests over their own property. But people will protect their property. And we’ll protect it by whatever means possible.”   …. Yesno said changes are planned for the way NAN operates internally, as well as in the way NAN deals with governments and industry.  Part of those changes is the shift from protesting to protecting lands, the grand chief said. But Yesno also noted that NAN expects both federal and provincial governments to treat NAN as a nation, with elected officials meeting to make decisions on issues affecting northern Ontario First Nations.   “We are definitely going to make some change, and the engagement with the government is certainly going to be first and foremost,” Yesno said. “I’m not interested in meeting with bureaucrats. I want to meet with counterparts that will be making decisions.” ….”  Source
  • Ontario launches new university-based “Northern Policy Institute” to “boost the northern economy and help provide a stronger voice to Northern Ontario”  “…. The institute, an independent, not-for-profit organization, will monitor the implementation of the Growth Plan for Northern Ontario and make provincial policy recommendations for the region. It will work with northern municipalities, post-secondary institutions, research groups, Aboriginal organizations, francophone groups and industry to set priorities and directions for northern development.  The Northern Policy Institute is proceeding under the direction of two advisors — Dr. Brian Stevenson, president of Lakehead University, and Dominic Giroux, president of Laurentian University. They will provide guidance to the institute, which will be based out of their respective universities in Thunder Bay and Sudbury …. A search is underway for the founding Chief Executive Officer, who will oversee the institute’s preparation of a five-year business plan.  In April 2011 a questionnaire was sent to over 1,400 individuals and organizations seeking input on the mandate of the institute ….”  News ReleaseBackgroundermoremore

More open source information (excerpts from information monitored 1-31 Aug 12 (PDF) here. All information shared here in accordance with the Fair Dealing provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act. The blog is not responsible for the accuracy of the source material, and inclusion of material doesn’t mean endorsement.


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