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What's up with the biggest thing happening in mining in NW Ontario?

Ring of Fire News – June 7, 2013

  • Ring of Fire forest fire cleaned up  “Ministry of Natural Resources fire crews are now in the mop-up stage of a forest fire that had threatened a mining camp in the Ring of Fire earlier this week.  “Nipigon 11 — the fire is in good shape,” fire information officer Deb MacLean said Friday. “At last report, the fire behaviour was listed as smouldering.”  The fire is burning north of the Muketei Airstrip, about 60 kilometres southeast of the Webequie First Nation.  acLean said that FireRanger crews are continuing to do mop up around the fire to control it. Mop up operations include digging out and extinguishing burning embers and ensuring small smouldering fires are dead out before moving on.  MacLean noted that there will be a fair amount of mop up work involved in putting out the 210-hectare fire, which is the size of about 420 football fields ….”  Source
  • Cliffs does a bit of (winter) road work  “A mining company looking to set up shop in the Ring of Fire has made inroads, physically and metaphorically, into a First Nation community.  Cliffs Natural Resources began upgrading the winter road from Aroland First Nation to Marten Falls in 2011. Completed in January, the upgraded 90,000 pound-capacity road gives the community the ability to ship goods, like fuel, to Marten Falls.  Members of the community can also travel the road with vehicles.  That means less reliance on expensive air travel in the winter months. Cliffs will also be able to use the road, which is expected to be open for up to four months depending on weather, to ship goods.  “We saw it as an excellent opportunity for us to be involved with the community,” Cliffs’ development director Andrew Mitchell said.  “(The road) will benefit us in the future as well.”  The winter road route will not be part of the all-weather road that Cliffs is proposing ….”  Sourcemore (corporate video on the road project on YouTube)
  • Attawapiskat holds Ring of Fire meeting this week  Source
  • “KWG Resources Inc. has postponed until June 26, 2013 the convening of its Annual and General Meeting of Shareholders at 11:00 a.m. (local time) at Suite 2300, TD Waterhouse Tower, 79 Wellington Street West, Toronto, Ontario ….”  Source
  • Aroland creating “Traditional Land Users Group”  ” With the advancement of Industrial/Governmental development of our communities’ traditional lands, it is important that we collective gather to deal with issues facing our WAY OF LIFE.  To date there has been limited community involvement with exception of the OK Elders Group, which has been very active in the development process.  It is felt that it is time to include all of the community in these processes, which are integral to the future of our community …. The Goals and objectives of this group are very simple.  We would like to become the communities voice out on the land ….”  Sourcemore (notice of 10 Jun 13 meeting)
  • Business leader selling the benefits of banding together with other business leaders  “Michael Nitz made his first visit to Kenora as the newly-elected president of the Northern Ontario Associated Chambers of Commerce (NOACC) on Tuesday evening to meet with members of the Kenora & District Chamber of Commerce …. One of the biggest perks of membership which needs to be conveyed to business owners, said Nitz, is the lobbying done on the provincial level by NOACC for its member chambers.  “We advocated on behalf of our members in Queen’s Park on different business issues, whether it’s rules not allowing food trucks or something big like infrastructure for the Ring of Fire to make sure we are maximizing the opportunities there,” he said.  Some of the issues the new president wants NOACC to be pressuring the government on this year include expanding mining in the north, getting the infrastructure in place for those projects and increasing engagement with aboriginal businesses ….”  Source
  • The latest on “Is Ontario selling off Ontario Northland?”  “Minister of Northern Development and Mines Michael Gravelle is walking away from his government’s own numbers, saying they are no longer relevant in the government’s changing plans for Ontario Northland.  In response to a news conference held on Friday by Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli, Gravelle said the government estimate of $790 million cost to sell off ONTC is outdated following his announcement last month, “that divestment isn’t the only option for ONTC.”  “I think Mr. Fedeli knows that scenario is a road that we are not going down,” said Gravelle.  He pointed to the ministerial advisory committee he has struck as proof that he is open to finding a different path from the sell off championed by his predecessor, Liberal MPP Rick Bartolucci.  “I think there is pretty strong agreement that the status quo is no longer an option… and that is one reason why I struck the committee to shape a viable future for Ontario Northland,” said Gravelle.  The minister was swift to react to Fedeli’s press conference issuing a press release within an hour of its conclusion, calling the release, “alarmist.” ….”  Source

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