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What's up with the biggest thing happening in mining in NW Ontario?

Ring of Fire News – July 19, 2013

  • Federal Cabinet Shuffle = New Federal Ring of Fire Lead from NW Ontario?  “…. While Tony Clement remains the Senior Minister for Northern Ontario, (Kenora MP and Minister of State (Science and Technology, and Federal Economic Development Initiative for Northern Ontario) Greg) Rickford confirms that he has responsibility for the Ring of Fire. Rickford’s experience in Northern Ontario where he has been working in the medical field as well as Parliamentary Secretary for the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs should serve him well there ….” – more on Rickford’s new post here, here and here
  • Ontario’s Northern Development & Mines Minister on Rickford’s promotion  “…. The move by the Prime Minister to bring in Kenora MP Greg Rickford had the Minister stating, “I’m very pleased that Prime Minister Harper has appointed Kenora MP Greg Rickford to the Federal Cabinet.  I sincerely congratulate Greg on this exciting new position.  Mr. Rickford and I have worked closely on many issues in the past and I am excited about the opportunities we will now have to work together on issues of great importance to all Northerners, particularly as they relate to economic development in the North. Clearly, there is real synergy between FEDNOR and the Northern Ontario Heritage Corporation (NOHFC). But, I am also pleased that Minister Rickford has been given responsibility for the Ring of Fire. There is a very significant role the federal government can and must play with this project. I look forward to sitting down with Minister Rickford in the near future to discuss how the federal government and the Province can seize the many opportunities before us” ….”
  • Bob Rae wrapping up MP job by month’s end?  “Three weeks after announcing he was leaving politics, Bob Rae hasn’t yet actually resigned – and continues to do two jobs the MP himself said were proving too demanding to do simultaneously …. His office now says he’ll leave July 31, meaning he’ll spend this month juggling consulting and constituency work. He’ll then switch from his MP salary to his MP pension, a drop of about two-thirds. That gives Mr. Rae lag time – 42 days from announcing his resignation to it taking effect – that’s longer than any other MP who has resigned since the 2011 election ….”
  • Ontario’s chief Ring of Fire negotiator says he is making a series of trips to Matawa First Nation communities as a way to ensure good lines of communication with First Nations.  Frank Iacobucci says he’s already visited Eabametoong and Marten Falls this week — and will be going to other Matawa First Nations as well.  “I’ve been up in the north before, but I haven’t been to all these First Nations,” he said.  “I want … First Nations [to] know who I am and what my mandate is — and they get it from me and not from just reading about it.”  Iacobucci said it’s important for him to learn more about the communities as he prepares to start formal negotiations with Bob Rae …. Iacobucci was accompanied Thursday by Northern Development and Mines Minister Michael Gravelle. The pair met with reporters at Thunder Bay Airport before boarding for a two-hour flight to Neskantaga ….” – more on Iacobucci’s road trip here
  • In Ontario the relationship between the mining sector, the provincial government and the First Nations is changing rapidly. Once often viewed as an afterthought, consultation with aboriginal communities is now critical for the success of a project and entails constant dialogue.  But the process still has hurdles to overcome. This is particularly true for the north of the province, an area that includes the Ring of Fire region, where world-class chromite deposits abound ….”
  • “From beaver pelts to the oilsands, Canada’s economy has benefited from a blessed treasure trove of resources.  Why else would anyone slog through dense bush while fighting mosquitoes, navigate huge waterways, and pound through granite but for those rich rewards?
    Toronto’s financial district owes much to mining, forestry, and energy as a quick glance at the Toronto Stock Exchange attests. Look west and the British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan economies are booming while Ontario’s moribund manufacturing sector struggles with a petro dollar that puts mainstays like the auto makers on alert as labour costs rise.  It wasn’t always like this, of course. Hooked up to cheap hydro electric power, Ontario was the engine that drove the nation. But today, it languishes as a have-not province in Confederation while hamstrung by deficits and a debt that will hover like a thundercloud over successive governments for generations.  What Ontario needs today is money. It needs lots of it and it can’t come soon enough. But the future of Ontario is mired in its past as well as lingering questions over aboriginal rights and which land claims are valid ….”
  • Ontario Conservative Leader Tim Hudak on the importance of the Ring o’ Fire  “…. “The Ring of Fire is a once in a century opportunity. You need a Premier who really understands the Ring of Fire. I would put a Minister in charge who would let nothing stand in the way,” adds Hudak. “The Ring of Fire can be the equal to the Oil Sands in Alberta in economic impact”.  “Ontario needs to share the royalties with First Nations and when they have a skin in the game, they will help make this project happen”.  “We need a public private partnership for transportation, to get the resources to markets” ….”
  • Whazzup with the outgoing CEO of Cliffs Natural Resources?  “John M. Beck, Chairman and CEO of Aecon Group Inc. is pleased to announce on behalf of the Board of Directors that Joseph A. Carrabba has been appointed to Aecon’s Board of Directors effective immediately.  “We are extremely pleased to have Mr. Carrabba join the Board of Directors to contribute to our vision of being Canada’s premier construction and infrastructure development company,” said Mr. Beck.  “His extensive experience and knowledge within the global mining and exploration industry at the director and executive level will be important assets for Aecon and its mining and land reclamation operations.”  Mr. Carrabba is the outgoing Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cliffs Natural Resources Inc., where he has served in executive capacities since 2005 ….”
  • Youth from Marten Falls First Nation were the recipients of the best overall video award for the Ontario Mining Association’s 2013 So You Think You Know Mining video contest this past JuneThe winning youth from Marten Falls were: Christian Peters, Matthew Waboose, Allen Waboose, Jared Peters, Drew Waboose, Craig and Skye Achneepineskum.  The filmmakers travelled to Toronto to attend a ceremony at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) that recognized the winning contestants …. “It started off with Kaitlyn Ferris (of Noront Resources), it wasn’t all my idea,” said Allen Waboose. “She came to my reserve and I just randomly joined the project.”  Ferris, Noront’s corporate responsibility manager, was very excited to attend the award ceremony with the youth ….”

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