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Ring of Fire News – August 2, 2013

  • A Bit More Cliffs Bad News “Six weeks after it hit the pause button on its environmental assessment for its Ring of Fire project, Cliffs Natural Resources announced that its development budget for the proposed chromite mine has been trimmed by US $10 million.  The Cleveland-based company this spring earmarked $60 million for the work to take place this year, including a feasibility study.  A financial report on the company’s second quarter performance released on Thursday shows the figure has been reduced to $50 million.  Regional Cliffs spokeswoman Jennifer Mihalcin confirmed Friday that the reduction is a reflection of the earlier decision to temporarily put the brakes on work on its environmental assessment for the Ring of Fire project.  An additional $25 million set aside for overall exploration remains the same ….”  (article also available here if previous link doesn’t work)
  • Signs of Hope (1)  “Work on an environmental assessment regarding the first chromite mine in the Ring of Fire could resume before year’s end if talks with affected First Nations continue on a positive note, says the Cliffs Natural Resources executive overseeing the project.  “We’ve had some good meetings and I think we’re on a good path,” Cliffs’ global ferroalloys vice-president Bill Boor said Wednesday in an interview from the company’s Cleveland headquarters ….”
  • Signs of Hope (2)  “Despite the recent pull-back of Cliffs Natural Resources from its Ring of Fire environmental assessment activities, a second project in Ontario’s far northern mineral zone continues to progress through the review process.  The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency reports that it has allocated more than $48,000 to two Aboriginal applicants to support their participation in consultation activities related to the environmental assessment of Noront Resources’ proposed Eagle’s Nest mine in the James Bay Lowlands area.  In a release, the agency said the funds will help the two First Nations participate in upcoming steps of the assessment, such as consultation related to the Environmental Impact Statement (with addendum) and the review of the Comprehensive Study Report.  Attawapiskat First Nation has been allocated $26,682 from the Aboriginal envelope of the agency’s Participant Funding Program, while Aroland First Nation has received an allocation of $22,050.  In March 2012, the agency allocated a total of $21,175 to Environment North, MiningWatch Canada and Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society – Wildlands League through the program’s regular funding envelope ….”  More from the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency here
  • Nishnawbe Aski Nation Deputy Grand Chief drops by Longlac to meet with Matawa First Nation Chiefs, negotiators  “In Long Lac (31 Jul 13) for the Matawa Chiefs Assembly. Ring of Fire discussions this afternoon with Frank Iacobucci and Bob Rae.”
  • Column:  “Can dousing the Ring of Fire with politicians rekindle the spark? All sides are betting it can …. The courts and the province will have a say in resolving that dispute. And since all sides are counting on career politicians with the aid of the courts, count on this being a long, slow process.”
  • How Idle No More proposes helping First Nations “….  there are the Ontario First Nations with their ‘great white hope’ Bob Rae, a strong supporter of Israel whose wife was a VP of the CJC. Rae left the NDP in 2002 for refusing to embrace globalization and open markets, and is now the Natives’ negotiator with the mining interests in the James Bay ‘ring of fire’. However nice elder statesman Rae may be, his common interests—economic and political—with Farber remain, and there can be no doubt that at best the Natives will get lots of millions of dollars, but you can be sure that the option of “No to chromite mining!” is not on the table.  Clearly, the Natives need a new deal with corporate Canada. That is what Idle No More is all about. But the option of “No!” must be on the table, not just “How much money will we get to let the corporations destroy our land?” ….”
  • North Bay Looks at Expanding Airport  “Another local business with plans to expand has purchased land at the city’s Airport Industrial Business Park.  Council approved the sale Monday of three acres of airside property within the industrial business park to Comsatec, an energy management firm with offices in Callander and Toronto, for $225,000.  The deal is dependent on construction of a 17,000-square-foot hangar getting underway within 12 months and gives the company first right of refusal for an additional 1.3 acres of abutting land to accommodate future expansion …. (Comsatec’s Paul Waque Sr.) said North Bay has the ability to compete with active transport centres such as Thunder Bay, noting the distance between North Bay and Attawapiskat of 767 kilometres is only 67 km greater than that of Thunder Bay and Attawapiskat.  “Yet, North Bay has the absolute advantage to be within easy reach to Toronto’s GTA supply area,” said Waque. “We are all aware that there will be many areas of development in the coming years, including Ring of Fire activity.” ….”
  • Enjoy the long weekend (if you get it)!

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