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What's up with the biggest thing happening in mining in NW Ontario?

Ring of Fire News – September 6, 2013

  • Ontario Premier:  Whazzup With the Hurry?  “Ontario’s Premier says the province will let businesses make decisions on where to locate smelters and processing plants, while the Ring of Fire will bring jobs to the region on its own.  Kathleen Wynne made the comments Tuesday after a mining analyst’s suggestion the government should do more to make mining attractive.  Wynne said there’s no point in rushing agreements among government, First Nations, and mining companies.  “There is a political message that’s out there from the opposition parties that says … we should move faster on the Ring of Fire … and we just have to sweep all of the barriers out of the way,” Wynne said.  “That’s code for not paying attention to environmental protections, and not making sure that our relationships with First Nations are in place.”  Wynne added that Bob Rae and Frank Iaccobucci are working very closely with First Nations communities, and are making progress ….”more
  • Political Disappointment on Premier’s Sudbury Stop  “…. Sudbury Progressive Conservative candidate Paula Peroni wanted to hear that Wynne’s Liberal government has put someone from government in charge of the Ring of Fire development to move it forward.  Neither woman got her wish.  Gelinas tagged along on a tour Wynne took Thursday afternoon of Crossworks Manufacturing in downtown Sudbury, a plant where 10% of De Beer Victor Diamond Mine gems are cut and polished ….”
  • Ring o’ Fire Mentioned as Mines Minister Gets Nomination Nod  “…. Gravelle reminded the room how much the Liberals have done for Northwestern Ontario from the new law school to four-laning the highway from Thunder Bay to Nipigon. It’s clear that the region is a priority for Wynne and the Liberal minority government he said. And with the proposed mining opportunities in the Ring of Fire along with a resurgence in the forestry sector, the region is going to be an economic engine for the province in the future ….”
  • KWG Resources of Toronto has released the inferred resource number for the Black Horse chromite deposit on which it has an option. The deposit is part of the Koper Lake project in the Ring of Fire.  Using a 20% Cr2O3 cut-off, the Black Horse deposit has an inferred resource of 43.8 million tonnes grading 37.5% Cr2O3. The block model of the deposit puts it at 700 metres long with a down dip extent of 1,000 metres, reaching vertically from 280 metres to 1,400 metres below surface.  Further drilling is recommended to infill data and better define the limits and continuity of the mineralization. KWG estimates such a program will cost $6.7 million ….” – more in the company’s news release here
  • Analyst:  Thunder Bay, Not Sudbury, Good Place for Smelter  “A mining consultant and writer says the debate should be re-opened on where to locate a ferrochrome smelter in northern Ontario.  Stan Sudol said he thinks the smelter should not be located in Sudbury, but instead go to a port city like Thunder Bay. He added that chromite from the Ring of Fire region could also be used to produce stainless steel in a new plant located in Thunder Bay.  “This would be an enormous long-term gain for not only northern Ontario, but the entire province, if the provincial government could attract one of the major stainless steel producers around the world to locate in northern Ontario,” he said.  Sudol said a waterfront location, like Thunder Bay’s port, would be key to attracting a stainless steel producer ….”\
  • More on Thunder Bay as Ideal Site (IF Ontario wants to push to build a stainless steel plant here, too)  “…. If Ontario were to duplicate the economically efficient ferrochrome/stainless steel Finland model, then the current location for the ferrochrome furnace in Sudbury needs to be revisited. All viable stainless steel plants are located near a river, lake or ocean site to access bulk imports of steel scrap, nickel and ferrochrome, as water is the cheapest form of transportation versus rail and road.  Since the ferrochrome furnace would be built before a stainless steel mill, it should be located on a Great Lake port. This would significantly enhance the prospect of attracting a world-class stainless steel mill to Ontario. Thunder Bay, the closest large community to the Ring of Fire chromite mines, would be the best candidate. That port would also facilitate the import of metallurgical coal, a key ingredient in ferrochrome production, and inexpensively ship the product to world markets.  And it would resolve the extreme political bitterness in northwestern Ontario over the Sudbury location. To most in the northwest, it made no economic sense to refine chromite ore over a thousand miles away.  Many feel the location of Sudbury was more of a political than an economic decision. ….”
  • Analyst:  Trouble in South Africa = (Possible, but not Likely) Opportunity for Ring o‘ Fire?  “…. The platinum produced as byproducts by companies in Ontario’s Sudbury district are probably the best prospects. But they are less likely to have a material impact on the supply balance because the amounts of PGMs you’re talking about are relatively small …. Ontario has some of the more interesting magmatic-sulphide deposits on the planet. It has potential. But you’re talking about a system that’s more linked to the fates of metals such as chromite and nickel. I don’t see it being a significant player in terms of platinum group elements (PGEs) ….”

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