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What's up with the biggest thing happening in mining in NW Ontario?

Quick Update – December 5, 2013

  • Remember Ontario’s Premier asking for a meeting with the PM on the Ring of Fire?  Meeting happened today, and here’s some of what the media’s saying:  “Premier Kathleen Wynne has emerged from a meeting with Stephen Harper satisfied that she has the prime minister’s ear on a massive mineral development in northern Ontario.  “I’m more optimistic than I was before I went in to the meeting that we’ll be able to work together,” Wynne told The Canadian Press in a brief interview late Thursday ….  Greg Rickford, the northern Ontario Conservative MP Harper has tagged with shepherding the Ring of Fire, complained Thursday that Wynne’s letter was the first the federal government had heard of a proposed development corporation to build infrastructure.  “I’m confident that today’s meeting will reflect a willingness to be more collaborative,” Rickford said before the tete-a-tete.  A couple of hours later, Wynne suggested progress.  “Definitely, we have each other’s ear on this,” she said of the prime minister.  “He and I agree that this is a very important project. He and I also agree that infrastructure is critical, and infrastructure that will be directly associated with the development of the Ring of Fire but also infrastructure that will serve the needs of First Nations and other communities in the north.” ….”
  • A bit more on the meeting here (via Google News)
  • Remember the NDP MP wanting the House of Commons natural resources committee to discuss the Ring of FireCrashed and burned, it seems ….  “…. NDP MP Claude Gravelle introduced a motion on Wednesday calling on the House of Commons natural resources committee to “invite the government of Ontario on its Ring of Fire initiative with a view to understanding their specific policy concerns and to determine federal policy actions that would help move this multibillion-dollar project forward.”  The committee went behind closed doors to assess Gravelle’s motion on hearing from Ontario officials about federal help in developing the Ring of Fire, but sources tell the Canadian Press the government majority voted down the motion.  The Opposition New Democrats have been pushing to end what they describe as the government’s “abuse” of secrecy in committee meetings. MPs are not allowed to disclose publicly what unfolds once the meeting goes in-camera or behind closed doors.  Members of the committee that were present on Wednesday were:  Conservatives Mike Allen, Leon Benoit, Kelly Block, Joan Crockatt, Ryan Leef, Brad Trost, and Bob Zimmer.  New Democrats Linda Duncan, Peter Julian and Gravelle.  Liberal Geoff Regan ….”
  • Here’s the less-than-illuminating minutes from yesterday’s meeting of the Committeeit appears they spent a whole 13 minutes discussing both the Ring of Fire idea and some money being set aside for a study of some legislation.

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