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Noront Officially in Play

NOTE:  This one was important enough to post in spite of my self-imposed break.

From a company news release:

“Noront Resources Ltd. has completed a coordinated Federal/Provincial Environmental Impact Statement and Environmental Assessment Report (“EIS/EA”) for its Eagle’s Nest Project. A draft copy will be circulated for comment to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) tomorrow (December 21, 2013). A copy will also be available on the Company’s website for comment by interested parties (www.norontresources.com).

Work on the EIS/EA Report was initiated by Noront in 2009 and includes baseline environmental studies that examine the mine site, the access road corridor and a railcar loading site. The studies were designed to comply with requirements set out in the EIS Project Guidelines provided by CEAA, and are consistent with the Terms of Reference submitted by Noront to the MOE.

“Completion of a draft EIS/EA Report marks an important milestone for Noront,” said Alan Coutts, CEO of Noront Resources. “We believe that Eagle’s Nest will be the first mine developed in the Ring of Fire and this brings us one step closer toward achieving that goal. We look forward to receiving comments from the provincial and federal governments as well as any other interested parties.”

All comments will be considered prior to formal submission of the Report to CEAA and the MOE in early 2014 ….”

More, as it unfolds ….


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