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Questions about RoF Development Corp?

  • May 25, 2014, CBC.ca:  “…. Wynne …. re-launched the creation of the Ring of Fire development corporation. The corporation had been previously announced, but the Liberals now say they will create the consortium within 60 days of being elected ….”
  • July 3, 2014, “Speech from the Throne to open the 41st Parliament of Ontario” “…. Within the next 60 days, your government will establish a Ring of Fire development corporation and move forward in a smart, sustainable and collaborative way with First Nations, the private sector and communities to unlock the enormous mineral potential in Northern Ontario ….”
  • July 16, 2014, Sudbury Star “Significant work is being done to establish a Ring of Fire development corporation and keep a campaign promise that it be done within 60 days of a Liberal government being elected.  But it’s not clear when the clock began ticking on that 60-day guarantee, says Michael Gravelle, who was reappointed Northern Development and Mines minister by Premier Kathleen Wynne.  Nor is it clear what exactly is meant by “establishing” the development corporation.  Gravelle doesn’t know if the 60 days started when he was sworn in June 24 or when his government delivered its Throne Speech on July 3.  And he and his staff are working to determine what exactly will be in put place during the 60-day commitment.  “We are not there yet in terms of determining exactly what form it will take other than that we are grateful to have the opportunity to move this project forward and to have this kind of a timeline in place,” said Gravelle in a telephone interview Tuesday from Queen’s Park ….”

If you believe the campaign speech, the deadline is August 11th.

If you believe the Speech from the Throne, the deadline is September 1.

The clock is ticking – pick your time to set the alarm.


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