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What's up with the biggest thing happening in mining in NW Ontario?

Habemus (start of) RoF Development Corporation!

This just out:

“Ontario has taken another step to drive progress in the Ring of Fire region, delivering on its July 3, 2014 commitment to establish a development corporation within 60 days. With headquarters to be located in Thunder Bay, the ROF Infrastructure Development Corporation (ROFIDC) will work to bring First Nations and the public and private sectors together to create partnerships and facilitate investment decisions in strategic transportation infrastructure ….”

A few more details from here and here ….

  • What’s the Corporation do?  “ROFIDC’s role is to: Encourage and assist exploration for and development of mineral deposits in the Ring of Fire by financing, building, operating and maintaining strategic transportation infrastructure including industrial and community access roads; Engage and consult with industry, government and aboriginal communities; Negotiate and facilitate agreements among key partners; Promote and foster economic development opportunities connected to exploration and development of mineral deposits in the Ring of Fire for First Nations located in the region as well as aboriginal and non-aboriginal persons and communities throughout the province”
  • Who’s on the board for now?  Ehren Cory, Executive Director for Infrastructure Ontario’s (IO) Transaction Structuring Risk and Commercial Projects division …. Rob Dowler, Assistant Deputy Minister (ADM) for Economic Environment Justice and Intergovernmental Policy in Ontario’s Cabinet Office …. Linda McAusland, Assistant Deputy Minister and Chief Administrative Officer for the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) …. (and) Bill Thornton, Assistant Deputy Minister (ADM) of the Northern Development Division for the Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines”
  • When’s the full board going to be assembled?  “The board may be expanded to include additional directors as appropriate.”
  • How about that $1B dollars?  “The (Ontario) government has committed to provide up to $1 billion for strategic transportation in the Ring of Fire. The province expects that other partners, including industry and the federal government, will also contribute.”

 All before the 1 September 2014 deadline ….




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