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What's up with the biggest thing happening in mining in NW Ontario?

Ring of Fire News – October 8, 2014

  • Tough crowd …. “Frank Smeenk was direct in his appraisal of Cliffs Natural Resources ending up on the wrong end of an acrimonious proxy fight with a New York hedge fund. “I thought they deserved everything that befell them,” said the president-CEO of KWG Resources. “They haven’t been easy to get along with at all.” There’s no love lost between the Toronto junior and the Ohio miner, but a change in leadership and corporate philosophy in Cleveland may signal the thawing of a frosty relationship ….”
  • Noront’s Glenn Nolan shares pix of the company’s Esker camp here and here, via Twitter.
  • Bob Rae touches on RoF in construction industry speech in Toronto  “…. Rae adds, that in order for development of the Ring of Fire to be successful, there needs to be a private sector company with the capacity to make a long-term investment, there needs to be participation from the First Nations, and issues around environmental impact and sustainability need to be addressed. “We have to make sure we don’t screw it up because it’s one of the last undeveloped frontiers in Canada.” he said.”
  • RoF catches the eye of the construction trades mulling their future  “Canadian think tank, Cardus, is launching its new Building Meaning Project, which aims to reshape the preconception of working in the construction trades …. The project will include a series of Canada-wide roundtable discussions involving key players in the industry, government and education system. The first meeting will be held on Oct. 27 in Calgary, followed by a meeting in Vancouver on Oct. 29, Toronto on Nov. 6 and Ottawa on Nov. 20 …. The location of each roundtable were decided based on the need for labour and the potential for large projects take shape. “The oil and gas sector is where the labour shortage is felt most acutely. So we wanted to bring those players there,” Dijkema added. “There’s lots of infrastructure work being done and if some of the projects that are said to come online (Ring of Fire), then Ontario will be in situation similar to Alberta.” “
  • A Northern Ontario NDP MP’s take on whazzup in the RoF  “…. The Ring of Fire development is no closer to getting off the ground today than it was when the Conservatives first came to power in 2005. It wasn’t long ago that Treasury Board Secretary and the Harper government’s point-man for Northern Ontario, Tony Clement, declared that the Ring of Fire would be “Canada’s next oil sands.” Indeed, the Ring of Fire could hold tens of billions of dollars’ worth of metals and minerals, but you can’t just click your heels and hope. Cliffs Resources wants out, and negotiations with First Nations have stalled. As for the federal government? Well, they’re missing in action with no dollars committed to the project. They’ve even refused to sit at the table while the difficult issues facing the project are dealt with by others ….”
  • Over at Ontario’s Ministry of Northern Development and Mines, Ring of Fire Co-ordinator Christine Kaszycki appears to be wearing a new hat these days  “George Ross, Ontario’s former deputy minister with the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines, started his new job with the Government of Yukon as its new deputy minister of the Department of Energy, Mines and Resources on Oct. 1. Christine Kaszycki, the Ring of Fire Coordinator, is the acting assistant deputy minister ….” Meanwhile, Ontario’s online listing of government employees lists her as Deputy Minister. Here’s the Yukon’s news release from August about Ross’ appointment.



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