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What's up with the biggest thing happening in mining in NW Ontario?

Ring of Fire (RoF) News – November 14, 2014

  • Latest KWG estimate for Big Daddy, from a regulatory filing (NI43-101 Technical Report, 75 page PDF) this week  “…. In 2010 Micon published a resource estimate for the Big Daddy, using a cut-off of 15%. They identified 26.4 million tonnes grading 39.37% Cr2O3 of Indicated resources and a further 20.5 million tonnes of Inferred resources grading 37.47% Cr2O3 (Gowans et al, 2010a). Using the same cut-off of 15% Cr2O3 the current model identifies 37.4 million tonnes grading 28.5% Cr2O3 of Measured and Indicated resources and 4.8 million tonnes at a grade of 25.0 % Cr2O3 of Inferred resources. The current estimate has more tonnes of Measured and Indicated resources, reflecting the additional drilling done in the intervening two year s, but at a lower grade. In addition, the current model has much less Inferred resources, also at a lower grade. The differences lie in the fact that the previous model was much more tightly constrained as only samples above a 15% cut-off were used and the mineral domain was extended approximately 250 metres below the deepest drilling …. To fully evaluate underground mining, and to properly define the limits of open pit mining, additional drilling is required to extend the limits of the resource down dip (proposed exploration budget for infill drilling: $3.465 million) ….”
  • More from Matawa’s negotiator Bob Rae  “The courts have spoken on aboriginal rights. Governments must act …. What is deeply troubling is the gap between the Supreme Court of Canada’s decisions and the willingness of both provincial and federal governments to enforce and follow the decisions …. The numbered treaties could be described as trillion-dollar misunderstandings ….”
  • Some relevant Tweets coming out of a recent Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development’s conference, via MiningWatch Canada:  Chuck Birchall at #canenviroperf: #Indigenous ppls could take Canada’s “consultation” requirements to include regional/strategic EA …. But many First Nations & tribal/regional bodies already developing their own land use plans & protocols, no thanks to gov’t or EA processes.” – More on Charles Birchall from his corporate bio
  • “Webequie Chief Cornelius Wabasse called for “true partnerships” at the 4th Annual Mining Ready Summit, held Oct. 28-29 in Thunder Bay. “That’s the way going forward for us to have a step in the processes and also be part of the processes that are potentially going to happen in our area,” Wabasse said. “We have to have these agreements and they have to be real and they have to be honoured.” Wabasse said his community does not want to sign agreements where “nothing is happening on our side.” “We know that we have to work our part as well too to make that agreement become reality,” Wabasse said. “We need to understand as First Nations about that agreement, what we need to do to make that happen as well too.” Wabasse said his community is not opposed to development. “We want to be able to benefit from our lands and resources,” Wabasse said ….”
  • “Long Lake #58’s Wyatt Waboose is proud of the work he put into his winning Noront t-shirt design. “It had to be traditional so I used the eagle feather and the four colours,” said the Grade 11 Migizi Miigwanan Secondary School student. “I was going to put the feathers underneath, but then I made a rough draft (with the feathers) over (top) and I chose between the two of them, with the feather underneath and the feather over top. I asked my mom about it, what I should use and what shouldn’t I use, and she said the top one.” ….”
  • Editorial“When it comes to developing the Ring of Fire, or building the Maley Drive extension, Sudburians are getting to watch the old political shell game. It’s not a game they want to play or one in which they can get any satisfaction ….”



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