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What's up with the biggest thing happening in mining in NW Ontario?

#RingofFire (RoF) News – January 13, 2015

  • PM, Ontario Premier (briefly) talk RoF face-to-face 5 Jan 2015 in Toronto  “Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne says she received no specific commitments from Prime Minister Stephen Harper at their first face-to-face meeting in more than a year …. Harper and Wynne discussed the economy, the importance of ongoing investments in infrastructure, including in the Ring of Fire, the auto sector, provincial trade barriers and the quality of First Nations’ drinking water ….”moremore
  • From the PM’s statement on the meeting “…. They spoke of a number of important issues related to jobs and the economy. Specifically, they agreed on the importance of ongoing investments in infrastructure, including the federal government’s new Building Canada Fund. They also discussed the need to remove barriers to internal trade, the importance of continued support from both levels of government for the manufacturing and automotive sectors, as well as the important role of resource development for the Ontario and Canadian economies ….”
  • This from Ontario’s mines’ minister post-PM-Premier-meeting  “A collaborative partnership between the provincial and federal government is crucial in developing the Ring of Fire. That’s what Minister of Northern Development and Mines Michael Gravelle said is clear after Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne met with Prime Minister Stephen Harper met early Monday evening to discuss the economy, including nationally significant infrastructure projects like the Ring of Fire. Gravelle said he had already spoken to Conservative Minister of Natural Resources Greg Rickford over the holidays about the mining project, but the recent meeting between the two leaders has encouraged the two ministers to speak further on the topic ….”
  • Council of Canadians rep on the PM-Premier meeting: RoF could help some FNs (and hurt the water of others)  “…. The “ironic” part is that along with the water contamination risks of extracting $30-billion worth of chromite over a 5,000-kilometre area of pristine wilderness, which would include tailings ponds for the mining waste and hydro-electric dams to power the operations, the road would go through boreal forest and over several major waterways posing further water risks in the traditional lands of the Marten Falls, Webequie, Neskantaga and other First Nations. The Neskantaga First Nation has been without potable water since 1995. So, did Harper and Wynne discuss access to water for First Nations only in the context of advancing a water-destructive mining agenda? ….”
  • This from the Chief of Webequie First Nation on the RoF in general  “We have heard a lot in the news recently about whether resource development in the Ring of Fire in Ontario will ever become a reality. Newspapers are filled with discussion about why progress has not been faster, of companies abandoning development projects, and of concerns that Ring of Fire development may never be achieved. These discussions focus on the wrong questions. If Ring of Fire development is to be successful, the question should not be whether the development is happening fast enough. It should be whether the process is taking place based on a foundation of recognition and respect for Webequie First Nation and the other Indigenous nations who call this land home ….”
  • “KWG Resources Inc. announces that it has received from the US Patent Office’s International Searching Authority the International Search Report in response to its application to patent a new process for the direct reduction of chromite utilizing natural gas, a carbon reductant, and a catalyst formulation. The Search Report indicates that the Searcher found the applicant’s claims are novel and that prior art does not teach or fairly suggest anything similar. The Report also indicates that the claims have industrial applicability as defined by PCT Article 33(4) because the subject matter can be made or used in industry. “This is a major step forward in our prosecution of this patent application,” said KWG President Frank Smeenk. “We will now determine in which countries to seek patent protection of this process, beyond Canada and the United States of America. Our discussions and negotiations with chromite industry participants have helped us understand how and where this innovation might best be commercialized, as we have recently shared with Minister Rickford as he requested.” ….”


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