Ring of Fire News


What's up with the biggest thing happening in mining in NW Ontario?

#RingOfFire (#RoF) News – July 10, 2015

  • Still MORE on those aerial photos taken by enviornmentalists “New Photos Reveal Damage Done by Ring of Fire Mineral Exploration — Exploration is a necessary part of the mining cycle but it is not benign. Lots of people talk about the potential for mining the Ring of Fire in northern Ontario but how many people have an idea of the environmental footprint of ongoing exploration today? ….”
  • Some editorial commentary on environmentalists driving mining decisions “We’ll manage mining, thanks — Southern Ontario environmental groups should lobby more extensively in their own backyard before briefly flying over and criticizing development in ours ….”
  • “Northern mayors lobby for infrastructure funds — The mayor’s of Northern Ontario’s largest cities want a portion of the province’s planned infrastructure investment outside of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area to be used to help pay for projects in their communities …. North Bay was not included in the list of communities where the province plans to hold round-table discussions about how to allocate the $11.5 billion in funding. But McDonald said he will be attending a consultation in Sudbury July 15 …. About $3.5 billion of the dollars intended for projects outside the GTHA has already been earmarked for items like connecting link funding, the Ring of Fire, creating natural gas lines and highway investments ….”
  • “Green Party Leader Elizabeth May confident seat count will grow — Normally on the first weekend of July, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May would be front-and-centre at the opening of the Calgary Stampede. This year she decided to put it off a week and instead stopped by the Thunder Bay Blues Festival on Friday night …. Forestry, minining – the Ring of Fire in particular – First Nations, business and tourism are areas the Green Party plan to focus on going forward, she promised ….”
  • “The shifting sands of federal-provincial relations — It is interesting to follow the shifting social and economic growth patterns across Canada and attempt to deduce from the changes the pattern of causes and effects …. Kathleen Wynne of Ontario and Rachel Notley of Alberta. Both have acted in a bold manner in bringing aboard capable financial and administrative advisors. Ordinarily this would not be unusual were it not for the calibre of the people selected. Wynn has brought in Ed Clark, recently retired CEO of the Toronto Dominion Bank …. Premier Wynn is facing major issues in Ontario from infrastructure rebuilding to re-energizing automobile manufacturing and resource development with North Ontario’s planned ‘Ring of Fire’ project. The advice and experience of Ed Clark will come in handy. ….”
  • Not #RoF, but worth considering “Aboriginal Peoples and Natural Resource Extraction in Canada: A New Paradigm? …. The negotiation of Impact Benefit Agreements (IBAs) with Aboriginal communities has today become a privileged tool for mining companies seeking greater certainty for what are cost intensive projects. IBAs are private contractual agreements between project proponents and communities. In exchange for their support for a project, Aboriginal peoples are generally offered financial compensations, a say in the design of the project to limit its adverse impacts and, in some cases, shares in the resulting benefits of the project, notably through guaranteed jobs or royalties. IBAs are essentially a form of negotiated consent between Aboriginal peoples and developers, usually in parallel with formal environmental assessment and government consultation processes. These agreements, however, are not without controversy. For some, IBAs are a more or less subtle way to buyout communities and to circumvent (or privatize) the formal approval process associated with the duty to consult ….”


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