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What's up with the biggest thing happening in mining in NW Ontario?

#RingOfFire (#RoF) News – July 27, 2015

  • KWG more optimistic about Koper Lake potential  KWG Resources of Toronto has filed an updated 43-101 report for its Koper Lake chromite project in the Ring of Fire. Inferred resources now stand at an estimated 85.9 million tonnes grading 34.5% Cr2O3 (20% cut-off). The tonnage represents an increase of 11% from the May 2014 estimate of 77.2 million tonnes at 34.1 Cr2O3. The increase is possible because the company now has a more complete delineation of a major structure named Frank’s Fault, a regional scale deformation zone that transects the chromite and is responsible for the up-plunge termination of the Black Horse chromite deposit. The fault has been traced in a northeast direction past the Big Daddy deposit where it is interpreted to undercut the deposit at depths that have not yet been drill tested ….”company news releaseNational Instrument 43-101 Technical Report (98 pg PDF)
  • NDP Promises (1) “NDP Leader, Tom Mulcair wouldn’t commit to matching Ontario’s billion-dollar promise for the Ring of Fire, nor would he state a position for or against the Energy East Pipeline. It’s the democratic and environmental processes, he argued, that need repair ….” 
  • NDP Promises (2)  “…. “Stephen Harper’s plan just isn’t working. A nation-to-nation approach with Indigenous communities, as well as cooperation with the province and municipalities, is needed so we can move forward with projects like the Ring of Fire and Shoal Lake Road.” If successful, the Ring of Fire would create thousands of high-quality middle-class jobs, the release said. “The NDP is committed to building relationships across Northern Ontario to responsibly develop the Ring of Fire.” ….”
  • NDP Promises (3)  “…. Mulcair explained there needs to be a respectful nation-to-nation approach when dealing with First Nations. Mulcair criticized the Conservative government on handling big projects like the Ring of Fire development because they don’t know how to get along with First Nation communities and how to consult with local communities. He said First Nation titles, treaties and the nation-to-nation approach have to be respected ….”
  • Soft nickel prices and uncertainty surrounding Ring of Fire development will limit Greater Sudbury’s economic growth in 2015, according to a report by a major Canadian economic think tank. A Conference Board of Canada report entitled Metropolitan Outlook: Summer 2015, released this week, forecasts the city’s GDP growth at a modest 0.7% for the current year ….”
  • Buried in this glass-is-half-empty assessment …. Northern Ontario mineral exploration slows to a crawl …. The Ontario Prospectors and Developers Association’s Garry Clark says Deloitte will be a solid, independent group that put together a well-balanced Ring of Fire Development Corporation ….”
  •  More on Ontario’s (continued) call for RoF infrastructure funds  “Ontario is formally asking the federal government to match its $1-billion transportation infrastructure investment in the Ring of Fire. The province nominated the mineral rich region as one of its “priority transit projects” for Build Canada funding. Ontario’s Northern Development and Mines Minister Michael Gravelle said the province needs federal money to achieve its long-term development goals in the area ….”
  • Not STRICTLY RoF, but worth keeping an eye on  “First Nations across Canada are frustrated with a lack of land use planning and consideration for the cumulative environmental effects of development on their lands. This recent decision from the Federal Court of Appeal exemplifies their concerns and illustrates how difficult it is to get the courts to address them ….” – Yellowknives Dene First Nation v. Canada, 2015 FCA 148more legal analysis



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