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What's up with the biggest thing happening in mining in NW Ontario?

#RingOfFire (#RoF) News – May 27, 2016

  • #RoF on the agenda for David Suzuki visit to remote NW Ontario First Nation “Chief Johnny Yellowhead and his community will be welcoming David Suzuki to Nibinamik First Nation for a community visit on May 28 and 29, 2016  … They will also be discussing the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed on October 15, 2014 between Nibinamik First Nation, the David Suzuki Foundation, Mamow Ki-ken-da-ma-win and Ryerson University.  The shared vision of the MOU is that throughout the planning and development processes in the Ring of Fire region, and any other foreseeable developments in the Nibinamik region, ecosystems will be conserved such that the provision of ecological services and the traditional Aboriginal ways of life are maintained.”
  • Stock analyst optimism about Noront earlier this week “The stock of Noront Resources Ltd (was) a huge mover (Tuesday)! The stock is down 4.69% or $0.015 after the news, hitting $0.305 per share. About 149,550 shares traded hands. Noront Resources Ltd has risen 6.00% since April 24, 2016 and is uptrending …”
  • Some #RoF pessimism in North Bay earlier this month “After 10 years the Ring of Fire remains stalled at the earliest stages of development, and that’s bad news for North Bay with up to 70 mining related companies located here …”
  • Ontario Northland still interested in #RoF  “If and when the Ring Of Fire mining development takes off, Ontario Northland is ready to get the wheels rolling and show them how to run a railway.  That was the message from Ontario Northland president and CEO Corina Moore, who spoke in Timmins at the FONOM conference earlier this month … “We are repeatedly asked about the Ring Of Fire. I want to be clear on this. We do not make the decision of whether the Ring Of Fire is going to be supported by rail or by road.  However, if it is supported by rail we want people to know of our capabilities in rail,” said Moore …”
  • Still VERY early days, but a University of Calgary study recommends doing more research into a possible ($100 billion?) cross-Canada route through northern regions (including the #RoF area) – from the news release: “The School of Public Policy and CIRANO are pleased to announce that they are undertaking a major research project designed to gauge the feasibility of a “Northern Corridor” – a game-changing multi-use right-of-way that could meet Canada’s pressing need for resource transportation routes across Canada and to ports on three coasts … “A large, single, multi-use right-of-way could allow the construction of a rail line away from towns and cities, and pipelines that make it to ports.  The reality is that the window of opportunity for Canada to take advantage of the international demand for our renewable and non-renewable resource is not infinite, and could already be closing.  Canada needs new markets.  A single right-of-way could radically accelerate Canada’s progress towards market diversification and creates a literal and figurative bridge across Canada’s regions,” said Jack Mintz, Director of The School of Public Policy …” – more details here (full study – 10 pg PDF), VERY rough map here, and in media reports here, here, here and (via Google News Search) here.



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