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Two #RoF First Nations holding Toronto fundraiser 9 Nov 2018

According to event announcements & a GoFundMe page, Neskantaga and Eabametoong First Nations are holding a fundraising event (themed “Into the Ring with (ON Premier Doug) Ford”) at Ryerson University the evening of 9 November.

Proceeds of the minimum $10/person donation will reportedly be given to the First Nations to “help pay for legal support, fund meetings in the territory to strengthen alliances, and build capacity to mount a public campaign to stop unwanted development on their territories.”  As of this post, the GoFundMe portion of the fundraiser has collected $680 out of a total of $5,000 being sought.

The GoFundMe page is attributed to Yumi Numata, which a LinkedIn profile matching this name identifies as “Communications and Development Coordinator – Yellowhead Institute & Faculty of Arts” at Ryerson.  There is also a reference to “Yellowhead” on the GoFundMe entry.

The Yellowhead Institute, whose executive director is Dr. Hayden King, describes itself online as “a First Nation-led think tank rooted in community networks and committed to Indigenous self-determination” and “a First Nation-led research centre based in the Faculty of Arts at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario. Privileging First Nation philosophy and rooted in community networks, the we offer critical and accessible resources for communities in their pursuit of self-determination. We also aim to foster education and dialogue on First Nation governance across fields of study, between the University and the wider community, and among Indigenous peoples and Canadians.”

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